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Linah's Story

Linah is a 15-year-old student at the Village of Eden Christian Primary School. Linah cannot speak or walk, but she does not let that hinder her joy for life. Every day, her smile expresses from her heart what her mouth cannot speak.

In Uganda, children with special needs like Linah are not typically cared for well. They are often left alone at home, shunned by their families and communities. Linah’s mom, Anna, brought her to the Village of Eden in search of a better life for her child. She did not want her daughter to miss out on the opportunity for an education or social interaction with other children.

Linah has learned basic educational concepts such as writing, math, and identifying objects. These and other practical skills will provide her with job opportunities in the future. Best of all, Linah has been able to live with her family while attending school!

With a growing number of students who have special learning needs, we desire to hire the first-ever Special Needs Teacher at the Village of Eden Christian Primary School. A designated teacher for students with special needs would allow us to reach more families with the love of Christ and show the community how much value these students have! In a culture that often shuns children with special needs, the Village of Eden welcomes them with open arms to share that God sees them and loves them deeply. Click the button below to support the salary of a Special Needs Teacher at the Village of Eden!


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