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The Village of Eden Medical Clinic Uganda, Africa treats 50-75 people a day, many of whom would not have access to quality medical care.  Our clinic is located in a remote region of eastern Africa.  You can get involved by joining with us on a mission trip or by making a financial donation to support our ongoing work.  Some of the suggested donation amounts for regular expenses at the Medical Clinic are: 


  • $10 to cover the cost of a testing kit for Malaria

  • $25 for a New Mother and Baby Kit that includes a treated mosquito net

  • $150 to cover a Nurse's Salary for a month

  • $300 to cover a Doctor's Salary for a month

  • $500 to provide fuel for the generator which provides electricity for critical medical equipment

  • $850 to support an evangelist medical outreach in a bush village for people who have little access to care

  • $5000 to fund the clinic for a month


Each and every tax-deductible donation will impact a life today!


We would like to invite you to join us by serving at the Medical Clinic on a short-term trip, as a long-term volunteer, or even as full-time staff.  If you have a background in the medical field, we are in need of long-term volunteers and full-time missionaries to serve with our ministry.  Our current staff needs are Doctors, Physician Assistants, Nurses, and Medical Administration. 

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