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Generosity Leads To Blessings

By Lorna Green

My first trip to Uganda was in 2016. While there, I met a young girl named Rose who was 13 years old. She was a smart girl, eager to learn, but was growing concerned about continuing in school. At the time, Rose was in her last year of primary school and did not have much hope of attending secondary school due to lack of money. With seven siblings at home, money was tight, and, although her mother wanted the best for her, she could not afford to send Rose to secondary school. Rose’s mother had even considered marriage as an option for her young daughter.

Since then, my family and I have had the joy of sponsoring Rose through a monthly donation. Our sponsorship was able to fill the gap for Rose so she could continue in school. Now 16, Rose is in her third year of secondary school and is doing very well. She is committed to her schoolwork and values her education enough to ride her bike for miles each day through all kinds of weather to attend class.

During my trip in March this year, I was able to visit Rose at her home and see her precious

mother and siblings. Their pride in their daughter and sister is obvious. For this family, Rose is likely the first child to complete primary school. As we sat and talked, I realized that Rose had slipped away. Looking up, I saw her in a nearby tree picking fresh avocados for me! What a special opportunity to receive a gift from Rose and think about the impact she has had on my life.

Isn’t it funny how God works? Sponsoring Rose began as a way for me to help a child in Uganda, but I now realize that I am the one who has been blessed by our relationship. I am so thankful that God has allowed me to be a part of this ministry in a small way.


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