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Learning To Thrive

Despite only being 11 years old, Giovanna has experienced numerous challenges in life. Her father is currently incarcerated, and her mother abandoned the family due to drug addiction leaving Giovanna and her brother in the care of their aunt. However, Giovanna’s aunt already had 7 children of her own and worked as a farmer which made it difficult to care for two additional children. To help in the home, Giovanna began working with her aunt but soon became malnourished from lack of nutrition and overworking. When her aunt heard about Vinde Meninos and the help they provide to children, she was anxious to take Giovanna. Despite living two hours away, Giovanna’s aunt made Vinde a priority so she could find safety, nourishment, and care.

Giovanna began attending Vinde Meninos when she was 7 years old. Since then, she has grown not only physically but also spiritually. One of the program’s focuses is good nutrition which has allowed Giovanna to recover from malnourishment. She also receives help with school work and is learning how to play the violin. In addition to these things, she is being discipled weekly by the tios (caregivers) at Vinde. Biblical discipleship is a core part of the program and impacts every child who attends. Through Vinde, Giovanna accepted Christ as her Savior in 2017 and has continued to seek after Him. Her desire to grow is obvious by the questions she asks about the Lord and about the Bible lessons the children learn each week.

Giovanna and her younger brother still travel 2 hours one way to attend Vinde Meninos each week, and we are excited to see what the Lord has in store for her in the future. Through Child Sponsorship and the faithful giving of supporters, Giovanna is growing in Christ and is now a thriving little girl. While it is incredible to see the changes in her both physically and educationally, we know that her spiritual change is what it is all about. We are so thankful that Giovanna knows Christ personally and wants to know more about Him!


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