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By Heather Oliver



  1. with or in proximity to another person or people

  2. into companionship or close association

  3. well organized

This is how the dictionary defines “together.” After eight years of being on two parts of the property, Village of Eden Christian Primary School can now say that we fall under all three parts of this definition!

On Wednesday, April 3, 2024, the construction company for the new phase of the building handed over the keys to the newly completed wing. The following Monday, the students and staff at Village of Eden Christian Primary School met in the new entranceway of the school and officially cut the ribbon to enter the new building. It was a great time of celebration and praise. Our upper primary classes are no longer across the property from the rest of the school but are “with or in proximity” to the other classes. This has been a desire of all the staff of the school – to be united in one area and not separated into sections.

This new phase not only brought us into close physical proximity but also “into companionship or close association.” Older students have been helping younger students, and younger students have brought back some child-like joy to the older students. Teachers from different levels of classes have been interacting more, having discussions on how better to help their students, and communicating more effectively as colleagues. There is a more unified sense about the school, a feeling of focus and, well, for lack of a better word… “togetherness.”

Our God is a God of order and not chaos. We clearly see that in Genesis through creation, as well as in many other places in the Bible. Moving the school into one area on the property has brought organization and purpose to the school. There is less movement of students from place to place, classes can start on time more, therefore causing instructional time to increase. The rooms are only used for school, so all learning aids and materials can remain on the walls and tables, ready for the following week. 

It has only been a few short weeks of being together in one area of the property, but already, the increase of unity at Village of Eden Christian Primary School has been palpable. We are looking forward to the rest of this school year as we continue to learn and grow together. 


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