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A New Phase of Growth

School Construction Update from the Village of Eden

In the midst of a worldwide pandemic, government shutdowns, and weeks of quarantine – God’s purpose is still advancing.

One of our commitments at Helping Hands Foreign Missions is to reach the families of Uganda. The main avenue of outreach is through our Child Sponsorship Program. In Uganda alone, there are nearly 1500 children who are being ministered to through this program. The purpose of Child Sponsorship is to invest in children and families through Biblical discipleship, meeting physical needs, and advancing education.

As we seek to advance education in a developing country like Uganda, we face unique obstacles from government influences and cultural differences. In such a rural setting, it is also difficult to find teachers who are well-equipped to invest in their students' educational growth. Another significant challenge is physical classroom space. At the Village of Eden Christian Primary School, we currently use a four-classroom building that was initially built for school use. In addition, we also utilize rooms in the church building, which were constructed as Sunday school space.


"Many are the plans in the mind of man, but it is the purpose of the Lord that will stand."

Proverbs 29:21


Early in September, we broke ground on an expansion for our school facility! This first phase of construction will give us much-needed space for the 180 students who attend the Village of Eden Christian Primary School. Our school is unique in many ways. Our passion for teaching students with Christian principles sets us apart from schools in the surrounding villages. In eastern Uganda, the religion

of Islam is experiencing dramatic growth. Due to this spread and influence, we have seen social pressure from local government leaders and families in the community. We desire to give children a Christian education founded on the word of God. Our devotion to investing in all children, including those with special needs, is another area that we are unique. In rural Uganda, education is not free, and families must pay for each child who attends school. Many schools will not allow children to participate if they have chronic health issues or special needs. Even if a school allows them to attend, many families will not pay for these children to receive an education. The Lord has blessed us with the opportunity to pour into the students who attend the Village of Eden Christian Primary School, and we want to see them grow to know their worth in Christ and choose to live each day for His glory.

Please pray for our ministry leaders as they lead through the process of expanding our school. The goal is for the school to open for the start of the new academic year in February 2021. If you would like to financially support the advancement of education at the Village of Eden, click here. To sponsor a child, click here.


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