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Christmas Gift Update

This year’s Christmas gift included a storage case, a reusable cup, plate, and bowl, and soybeans and peanuts. While these items may not seem fun-filled or especially exciting, the joy of receiving this gift is evident on these children’s faces! For children who don’t have the luxury of a place to store their personal items, a simple case to hold clothes, books, and toys will help to keep their things clean and dry. The reusable cup, plate, and bowl are practical items that children can use for lunches at school and meals at home, and soybeans and peanuts provide a nutritious start to a meal.

While there is joy in delivering gifts to children in our sponsorship region, the greatest part of our gifting program is that each gift sent creates another opportunity to share the Gospel. This year, more than 900 Christmas gifts were sent to sponsor children and children in need! This is a clear picture of our vision for Child Sponsorship and our ministry as a whole—to make disciples of Christ as we demonstrate His love in practical ways. We rejoice for the many people who heard the Gospel as a result of the generous giving of our donors!


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