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Healing for Majid

God's power and purpose in one little boy's life.

In July 2017, a man brought a three-year-old boy named Majid to the Village of Eden Medical Clinic. The child had been abandoned by his parents and was suffering from starvation, a severe burn on his head, and pressure sores on his body from lying in one position for days at a time. He was motionless, unable to straighten his legs, and showed no emotion other than weak cries.

Majid’s story seemed hopeless, but God intervened.

After months of intentional focus on his nutrition and continued attention to his head wound, Majid was growing, walking, and smiling. Today, Majid is a healthy and hyper boy who always has a smile on his face. He enjoys going to school and loves to play with the babies who live at the Village of Eden. Through prayer, medical care, and love, Majid has found his home here.

This transformation from tragedy and hopelessness to healing and joy is a picture of God’s power, mercy, and love. We know the Lord has a purpose for Majid’s life and are so grateful for the healing he has experienced.


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