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Joweria's Story

Contagious Joy

Joweria may be tiny, but she is a ball of energy. She is one of the resident students at the Village of Eden. Joweria came to us when her mother’s substance addiction became too much for her to handle, and she could no longer care for her daughter. Watching Joweria’s love for life and how she puts her all into everything she does, you would never know she has a chronic health condition.

She participates fully at school and desires to learn more and more. At the cottages, she loves to “play school” with the younger children, setting them up in chairs as a classroom while she “teaches” them. Joweria has a beautiful voice and is always eager to lead worship in dance and song. Joweria’s joy is contagious from her smile and laughter, and we know the Lord has great things in store for her!


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