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Swabura's Story

Abandoned girl finds a place in God's family.

Fifteen minutes from the Village of Eden, there is a dense rainforest with towering trees, monkeys, baboons, birds, and snakes. Huge transfer trucks drive on the highway that runs through it as public transport vans race past.

In November 2021, a good Samaritan found a young girl walking alone down the dangerous road. Local authorities were called and discovered that the girl, Swabura, had no one to care for her. Previously, after a family dispute, Swabura’s mother left, then her father began to abuse her. He was arrested and imprisoned, but his family blamed Swabura for his imprisonment and refused to care for her. She was put on a truck and told to travel to her uncle’s home. For some reason, the truck driver put her out in the forest.

Needing to find a place for Swabura to live, authorities called the Village of Eden Children’s Home.

When Swabura first came to the Village of Eden, we feared she would try to run away, but our fears were unnecessary! It was as if she had finally come home! Since that day, she has transformed into a happy, carefree girl. Swabura is always smiling, helpful, polite, and thankful.

Somewhere in her troubled past, she learned English! Swabura is one of the top students in her class, eager to participate and answer questions. She is a fast learner and seems genuinely happy to be in school. In the Children’s Home, she is quick to help the housemother and do her part of the chores.

While we do not know Swabura’s future, whether she will be reunited with her family or if she will remain at the Village of Eden until she is an adult, we do know that God’s love is abundant and enough. We want her to understand that she is loved and accepted, that she matters and has a place with God and her family at the Village of Eden!


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