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The Power Of A Gift

By Claudia Acuña Nogales, Child Sponsorship Coordinator in Uganda

I have been serving with Helping Hands Foreign Missions in Uganda for 4 years. When God called me to follow Him, He made it clear that I had to leave behind my understanding of missions so that He could have the empty canvas of my heart to paint His plan with love, not only in my life, but also in the lives of those in need here in Uganda.

Child Sponsorship is the channel God uses through Helping Hands to pour out His grace, love and salvation to children. This not only impacts kids in our program, but also their families and communities. When we sponsor a child, we are making an impact on the nations of Uganda and Brazil. Sponsorship is an opportunity to give a child the freedom to go to school and have a meal waiting for him or her there. It shows these children that there is a God who cares for them, that they are important, and that they are loved. Going beyond sponsorship, when you send a gift to a child, you not only provide extra help that the child needs, but you also open a door for a child to hear about the gift of grace and salvation they can have through Jesus Christ. By sending gifts, we have the opportunity to share about the greatest gift of all.

I love to see how God uses the Sponsorship program to mobilize the body of Christ by praying, giving, and caring. Unifying the Church to one goal—souls for Jesus. We are not only giving children in our program education; we are giving them hope. We are not only giving them meals; we are giving them life. We are not only giving them a brighter future; we are giving them the hope of Heaven.

Let’s not miss the opportunity to make an impact in the hearts of people who need Jesus!


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